What Premier League cancellations mean for FIFA and Football Manager after death of Queen Elizabeth

FIFA and Football Manager react to the real world.

Image via EA Sports

Queen Elizabeth’s death has left the world mourning the loss of a great monarch. As a display of respect, the English Premier League decided to cancel this week’s soccer fixtures.

The world of gaming isn’t indifferent, either. Football Manager’s developer released an official statement regarding the queen’s passing. FIFA is directly affected by the canceled matches. 

Here’s what it all means for both titles.

Football Manager reacts to Queen Elizabeth’s death

Sports Interactive’s managing director Miles Jacobson was particularly active following the news. He let it be known that had it been entirely up to SI, the Football Manager 2023 release date announcement would have been postponed. That plan couldn’t go through because of “how some systems work,” though.

How do canceled Premier League games affect FIFA 22?

There is no TOTW in FIFA 22 currently, so the damage is somewhat limited. The only FUT content directly affected by what’s happening in the real world is the Showdown SBC cards of Julián Álvarez and Ivan Perišić.

This week’s match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur was supposed to give one or both of them an OVR boost, depending on the result. Now that the game is postponed, it’s unclear what will happen with the Showdown SBC.

If EA is feeling extra charitable, it could opt to boost the cards even without a match to go off of. The more likely development is that the cards will remain as they are until the City vs. Spurs fixture is played.

EA hasn’t come out with a statement on the queen’s passing at time of writing.