How to get into the Phase Runner VIP Area in FIFA Ultimate Team

Ha'way the Apex fans.

Screengrab via EA

It’s a decent time to be both Apex Legends and FIFA 22 fans as the two gaming worlds collide in FIFA Ultimate Team. Players will be able to collect Apex-themed badges and FUT home kits until April 8 via the FIFA 22 x Apex Legends bundle and there’s also a new VIP Area.

VIP Areas are one of the classier ways to customize stadiums, and the Phase Runner VIP Area can be acquired from the FIFA 22 x Apex Legends Bundle. The bundle auctions for 1,500 FIFA points or 180,000 FIFA coins and features the following items.

Item typeName
Home KitLegends
Away KitLegends
Third KitLegends
XL TifoOlympus

To use the Phase Runner VIP Area, players will need to edit their stadium. These edits can be performed through the FUT screen tab. Look for the stadium option in the FUT screen tab, and you’ll be able to customize everything stadium-related through the interface, even the goal song. Make sure to save any changes before you leave, and the modifications will appear in your next match.

While these limited-time items will only be available throughout the remainder of the event, more could be on the horizon. If the collaboration goes well and the numbers at least reach expectations, EA may start experimenting with more collaborations, allowing fans to experience their favorite titles together.