How to complete Summer Heat Semedo objectives in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

You can earn one of the better full backs in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team by playing the game.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports added a Summer Heat 93-rated version of Nélson Semedo from Barcelona to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team’s objectives menu today.

This is by far Semedo’s best card in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team and will likely see as much success as his other versions, which were massively used by pros and casual players during the game cycle. EA has boosted Semedo’s Physical (+9), Defending (+8), Dribbling (+8), and Pace (+4) stats when compared to his 87-rated Headliners version, which was released in January.

Summer Heat Semedo has everything you need in a full back, including 99 Pace. You can use the sentinel chemistry style to maximize Semedo’s Defending and Physical stats. There are a lot of quality LaLiga or Portuguese options to use around Summer Heat Semedo and get him to 10 chemistry.

Summer Heat Semedo’s objectives will expire on Aug. 7. You’ll earn the card after you complete all four objectives, which have to be done in Division Rivals matches. Only one of the four objectives requires you to win, though.

Here are the four objectives that you have to complete to earn Summer Heat Semedo.

  • Portuguese passer: Assist in two separate Rivals matches using Portuguese players.
  • Defensive delivery: Assist on two goals in Rivals using Defenders.
  • Scoring in Spain: Score 10 goals in Rivals using LaLiga players.
  • Light-up LaLiga: Score in five separate Rivals wins using LaLiga players.