How to complete Summer Heat Coman objectives in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Summer Heat Coman's objectives are easy to complete.

Screengrab via EA Sports FIFA YouTube

EA Sports added a Summer Heat 93-rated version of Kingsley Coman from Bayern Munich to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team’s objectives menu today.

This is by far the best special card the winger has received during the entire FIFA 20 Ultimate Team cycle since he doesn’t have a Team of the Season So Far (TOTSSF) version. EA has massively boosted Coman’s Shooting (+16), Physical (+19), Passing (+13), and Dribbling (+9) stats when compared to his 84-rated base gold version.

But EA didn’t boost Coman’s skill moves (four stars) or weak foot (three stars), so Summer Heat Coman won’t be as effective at scoring goals. Aside from that, though, this is a top card, especially because it’s coins-free.

Image via EA Sports

Summer Heat Comans’s objectives will expire on July 17. You’ll earn the card after you complete all four objectives required in Division Rivals matches.

Here are the four objectives that you have to complete to earn Summer Heat Coman.

  • Skillful setupAssist in two separate Rivals matches using players with minimum four stars Skill Moves.
  • Complete quickness: Score and assist in the same Rivals match using players with minimum 92 Pace.
  • Goals in Germany: Score 10 goals in Rivals using Bundesliga players.
  • French finisher: Score in five separate Rivals wins using French players.