How to complete June 30’s Throwback Marquee Matchups in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

You can receive a total of five player packs with this SBC.

Image via EA Sports

A new set of Throwback Marquee Matchups is available in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team starting today. This is a great opportunity to get several player packs to use for other SBCs.

The Marquee Matchups are weekly challenges based on real soccer’s key games. EA selects some matches and creates SBCs to reward players with tradeable FUT packs. But the Throwback version brings back previously featured squads from last year.

This type of SBC is different from the special player items. Each squad asks for a different set of conditions to be met aside from the commonly known minimum rating and chemistry. An example is asking for some players from a specific league or club.

Each solution offers a different reward as well, ranging from a gold players pack to a jumbo premium gold players pack. This SBC requires players to complete four squads: Olympiacos vs. Panathinaikos, SL Benfica vs. Sporting Braga, Bayern München vs. Dortmund, and Liverpool vs. Manchester United.

The Bayern München vs. Dortmund squad, for example, has a series of conditions. You’ll need to turn in a 79-rated squad with 80 chemistry minimum plus one rare card, no less than four nationalities, five different clubs, and two players from the Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Those who complete it will be rewarded with a premium electrum players pack.

Here are all of this week’s conditions and rewards for each solution you’ll have to do to complete this Throwback Marquee Matchups SBC.

Olympiacos vs. Panathinaikos75-rated squad with 70 chemistry minimum, at least three clubs, three nationalities, and one player from Hellas Liga (GRE 1).Gold players pack
SL Benfica vs. Sporting Braga77-rated squad with 75 chemistry minimum, no more than four players from the same club, three leagues, and one player from both the Liga NOS (POR 1).Jumbo premium gold players pack
Bayern München vs. Dortmund79-rated squad with 80 chemistry minimum plus one rare card, no less than four nationalities, five different clubs, and two players from the Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.Prime electrum players pack
Liverpool vs. Manchester United81-rated squad with 85 chemistry minimum, at least two rare cards, four players from the same league, plus one player from both Liverpool and Manchester United.Premium gold players pack

You’ll spend around 37,250 to 44,350 FUT coins in total for every segment if you build all of the SBCs from scratch. EA will also grant you a rare electrum players pack as a reward for completing all four SBCs.

Here are the cheapest solutions right now to complete June 30’s Throwback Marquee Matchups right now, according to FUTBIN, a website that specializes in FIFA content.

Olympiacos vs. Panathinaikos

  • GK: 58-rated Dibble (Wrexham AFC)
  • LB: 64-rated Callum McFadzean (Wrexham AFC)
  • CB: 61-rated Harry Lennon (Wrexham AFC)
  • CB: 69-rated James Lawrence (St. Pauli)
  • RB: 62-rated Jannes Wieckhoff (St. Pauli)
  • CDM: 79-rated Mauro Arambarri (Getafe CF)
  • LM: 80-rated Konstantinos Fortounis (Olympiacos CFP)
  • RM: 79-rated Enis Bardhi (Levante UD)
  • CAM: 78-rated Uroš Račić (Valencia)
  • ST: 79-rated Luka Jovic (Real Madrid)
  • ST: 80-rated Maximiliano Gómez (Valencia)

SL Benfica vs. Sporting Braga

  • GK: 78-rated Alfredo Talavera (Pumas)
  • CB: 77-rated Marcão (Galatasaray)
  • CB: 75-rated César Montes (Rayados)
  • CB: 77-rated Héctor Moreno (Rayados)
  • CDM: 77-rated Luis Romo (Rayados)
  • CDM: 77-rated Jonathan dos Santos (América)
  • LM: 77-rated Pepê Cossa (Porto)
  • RM: 77-rated Valentino Lazaro (Benfica)
  • CAM: 77-rated Adel Taarabt (Benfica)
  • ST: 79-rated Ricardo Horta (Braga)
  • ST: 77-rated Roman Yaremchuk (Benfica)

Bayern München vs. Dortmund

  • GK: 81-rated Tomáš Vaclík (Olympiacos CFP)
  • LB: 82-rated Thorgan Hazard (Borussia Dortmund)
  • CB: 76-rated Pape Abou Cissé (Olympiaco CFP)
  • CB: 76-rated Alexander Scholz (Urawa Reds)
  • RB: 75-rated Hiroki Sakai (Urawa Reds)
  • CDM: 78-rated Baptiste Santamaria (Rennes)
  • CDM: 82-rated Josuha Guilavogui (Bordeaux)
  • CAM: 77-rated Julian Brandt (Borussia Dortmund)
  • CAM: 77-rated Ludovic Blas (FC Nantes)
  • ST: 81-rated Burak Yılmaz (Lille)
  • ST: 78-rated Ludovic Ajorque (Strasbourg)

Liverpool vs. Manchester United

  • GK: 81-rated Tomáš Vaclík (Olympiacos CFP)
  • LB: 82-rated Alex Nicolao Telles (Manchester United)
  • CB: 73-rated Joel Matip (Liverpool)
  • CB: 76-rated Pape Abou Cissé (Olympiacos CFP)
  • RB: 79-rated Rubén Peña (Villarreal)
  • CM: 79-rated Sergi Darder (RCD Espanyol)
  • CM: 79-rated Ángel Montoro (Granada)
  • CM: 79-rated Vicente Iborra (Villarreal)
  • LW: 79-rated Enis Bardhi (Levante UD)
  • RW: 82-rated Ferrán Torres (Barcelona)
  • ST: 82-rated Alexander Isak (Real Sociedad)