How to complete FUTTIES Winner Thuram’s Silver Stars objectives

Easy tasks to complete and get a great card.

Image via EA Sports

Players can complete a new set of Silver Stars objectives starting today to get a 74-rated Premium FUTTIES version of Khéphren Thuram from OGC Nice as a reward in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Players can participate in a weekly vote to bring Premium FUTTIES versions of the winning players. Premium FUTTIES cards can make green links with any player in the same league, making them better than the normal FUTTIES version.

While Silver Stars objectives are only specific tasks to be completed for boosted versions of silver cards in Ultimate Team, released every Wednesday. It is used just for the method of getting this special Thuram card.

EA greatly upgraded his 74-rated silver version for this Premium FUTTUES card. The devs increased Thuram’s Defending (+15), Pace (+14), Shooting (+14), Physical (+12), Passing (+11), and Dribbling (+11) plus his weak foot and skill moves were taken to four stars.

This set of Silver Stars objectives will be available until Aug. 24 when a new Silver Star set will be added to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. As always, all three objectives have to be completed in the Friendly: Silver Lounge.

Here are all of the objectives you need to complete to earn FUTTIES Winner Khéphren Thuram:

  • Win three: Win three matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.
  • Score eight: Score eight goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.
  • Assist six: Assist six goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.