How to complete FUTTIES Tavernier’s objectives in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Complete four tasks to get this amazing card.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports added a 93-rated FUTTIES version of James Tavernier from Rangers to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team’s objectives menu today.

This is Tavernier’s third special version in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team since he already has one Headliners and a Team of the Season (TOTS) version. The FUTTIES promo commemorates the best of what was already released during this FIFA 21 cycle while still adding new content.

EA has greatly increased all of Tavernier’s stats, including Passing (+22), Shooting (+22), Defending (+21), Dribbling (+20), Physical (+17), and Pace (+13) when compared to his 75-rated gold version. This is a well-balanced card with incredibly high skills, all being rated 89 and above.

All of FUTTIES Tavernier’s objectives have to be completed in the Squad Battles mode. You’ll have to win matches a few times to complete one of the tasks, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish every objective in one week.

You’ll have until July 23 to complete all of FUTTIES James Tavernier’s objectives and earn the card. Here are the four objectives you’ll need to complete to earn FUTTIES Tavernier.

  • Captain Fantastic: Score a goal with a Defender in six separate Squad Battles Wins on at least World Class difficulty (or Rivals).
  • Assist Machine: Assist 15 goals in Squad Battles on at least Professional difficulty (or Rivals).
  • Quality Deliveries: Assist with crosses in four separate Squad Battles matches on at least Professional difficulty (or Rivals).
  • English Goals: Score using English players in 12 separate Squad Battles matches on at least Professional difficulty (or Rivals).