How to complete FUTTIES Favorite Diatta SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You just have to complete two squads to get this card.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports added a 96-rated FUTTIES version of Krépin Diatta from Monaco to FIFA 21 on Saturday, Aug. 14. This item is available through the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

This is Diatta’s second special card in this FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cycle. This FUTTIES Favorite SBC grants players an upgraded version themed around a specific month. In this case, it celebrates the What If version he got in March.

EA generally upgraded all of Diatta’s skills, including Passing (+26), Shooting (+25), Physical (+19), Dribbling (+16), Defending (+13), and Pace (+5), when you compare this new card to his 77-rated gold version.

He has high stats, with all skills being 87 and above except for his 60-rated Defending. He also has four-star skill moves and weak foot. If you apply the marksman chemistry style, you’ll increase his Shooting (+2), Dribbling (+2), and Physicaç (+5), which will maximize several of his skills, like his Finishing, Shot Power, and Ball Control stat.

This SBC costs around 111,350 FUT coins on PlayStation, 118,600 on Xbox, and 123,800 on PC. This card seems to have a fair price considering his stats and the strong links he can make with amazing players such as 95-rated FUTTIES Martins, 93-rated TOTS Yedder, and 93-rated FUTTIES Fábregas.

If you’re interested in completing this SBC, you’ll have to turn in two squads: Top Form and Ligue 1. You’ll have until Aug. 21 to complete these squads and get this FUTTIES version of Diatta.

The first segment requires an 82-rated squad with 70 chemistry minimum and at least one Team of the Week (Inform) or TOTS player. The second one asks for an 84-rated squad with 65 chemistry minimum and at least one player from Ligue 1.

Here’s the cheapest solution to complete the FUTTIES March SBC right now and get FUTTIES Krépin Diatta, according to FUTBIN, a website that specializes in FIFA content:

Top Form

  • GK: Álvaro Morata 82-rated (Barcelona)
  • LB: Sergio Reguilón 82-rated (Tottenham Hotspur)
  • CB: Iago dos Snatos 82-rated (Al Taawoun)
  • CB: Gabriel Paulista 82-rated (Valencia)
  • RB: Santiago Arias 81-rated (Atlético de Madrid)
  • CDM: Naby Keïta 81-rated (Liverpool)
  • LM: Xherdan Shaqiri 81-rated (Liverpool)
  • RM: James Rodríguez 82-rated (Everton)
  • CAM: Youri Tielemans 81-rated (Leicester City)
  • ST: Sébastien Haller 81-rated (Ajax)
  • ST: Franck Ribéry 81-rated (Fiorentina)

Ligue 1

  • GK: Vicente Guaita 80-rated (Crystal Palace)
  • LB: Sergio Reguilón 82-rated (Tottenham Hotspurs)
  • CB: Conor Coady 79-rated (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
  • CB: Alexandr Golovin 90-rated (Monaco)
  • RB: Damián Suárez 80-rated (Getafe)
  • LM: Pablo Piatti 76-rated (Elche)
  • CM: Carlos Casemiro 94-rated (Real Madrid)
  • CM: William Silva de Carvalho 80-rated (Real Betis)
  • RM: Ángel Correa 82-rated (Atlético de Madrid)
  • CF: Willian José 80-rated (Real Sociedad)
  • ST: Maximiliano Gómez 80-rated (Valencia)