How to complete FUTTIES Djaló’s objectives in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

This set of objectives will be live for one week.

Image via EA Sports

EA added a 96-rated FUTTIES version of Tiago Djaló from Lille in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team today. You can get this card by completing a themed squad-building challenge (SBC).

The FUTTIES campaign marks the end of a FIFA cycle and every year has brought back cards from favorite promos. Djaló has an 85-rated Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS) version released back in December.

Djaló’s Passing (+22), Dribbling (+21), Shooting (+19), Physical (+16), Defending (+16), and Pace (+9) were greatly upgraded if you compare this FUTTIES version to his original 74-rated silver card. The increase left his skills ratings ranging from 82 to 93, except for his 61-rated Shooting.

You’ll have to fulfill all the objectives in the Squad Battles or the Rivals mode, depending on which you prefer. This set will expire after a week, so you have until July 29 to complete every task and receive FUTTIES Djaló.

Here are the four objectives you’ll need to complete to earn FUTTIES Tiago Djaló in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

  • Efficient Scorer: Score in three separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals).
  • Defensive Maniac: Assist five Goals while having min. five Defenders in your starting squad in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals).
  • Five in France: Score five goals using Ligue 1 players in Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals).
  • Supply Drop: Assist using Ligue 1 players in seven separate Squad Battles Wins on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals).