FIFA 20 pros play rock, paper, scissors to determine winner due to connection issues

It's an unfortunate server hiccup.

Screengrab via EA Sports FIFA YouTube

Two FIFA 20 pros decided to take matters into their own hands when EA’s server issues prevented them from playing a qualifying match.

Red Bull’s Shaun “Brandsha56” Galae and Hasan “Hasoo” Eker were set to compete against each other in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions Cup Stage V on Feb. 29. But server issues across EA’s roster of games meant that the players were unable to meet on the virtual field. Both players tried and failed to connect to each other twice, which constituted a “double-failure” in EA’s rulings.

At the time, with no solution in sight, the two pros’ only answer was to leave it to chance. Brandsha56 and Hasoo played bouts of rock, paper, scissors online, with Hasoo coming out on top 3-1.

EA has officially released a statement about the event. EA cited “a double-failure to connect in a qualifying tournament match results in a loss for both participants… to prevent connection issues from being exploited as a competitive advantage.”

This meant that the spontaneous rock, paper, scissors match to decide the outcome was the players’ decision to prevent both of them from losing.

Brandsha56 and Hosoo weren’t eliminated because of the server’s mishap. Both players went on to compete in the subsequent qualifiers but were unable to advance further.