EA issues seven-day bans to over 30,000 FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players who exploited no-loss glitch

Cheaters never prosper.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports handed out seven-day bans to over 30,000 FIFA 22 Ultimate Team that abused a glitch that allowed them to walk away from a match without a loss, the publisher announced last night.

The no-loss glitch was discovered by FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players during the last week and many of them exploited it over the weekend in FUT Champions matches. The players that were suspended can’t attend the FUT Champions finals this week.

The no-loss glitch consisted in pressing the dashboard button in PlayStation or Xbox during a match and waiting for the timeout. The players would be disconnected from the game but without any consequences. Essentially, it allowed players to quit without losing any time their opponent was ahead.

The exploit led to many players achieving a perfect 20-0 record in the last FUT Champions, thus claiming the best rewards available. This caused a crash in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team transfer market as card values lowered even further.

Exploiting bugs go against what’s detailed in EA’s Positive Play Charter. Players must not use “exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors, bugs, or problems to get a ‘leg up on others’,” the official page reads.

Although EA banned those who abused the no-loss glitch, part of the community said that the punishment was more like a “slap on the wrist” than anything else and that these players should have received a harsher punishment. Some of those players who played fair argued that they lost FUT Coins as a result of the transfer market crash caused by the exploit.

Moving forward, players won’t be able to exploit the no-loss glitch again since EA patched it on Friday, Oct 15.