15-year-old FIFA wunderkind Vejrgang loses 535-win streak in FUT Weekend League

This was an unprecedented streak.

Image via EA Sports

Many FIFA 21 players dream of going 30-0 just once in a Weekend League, a feat that’s achieved by an elite echelon. But 15-year-old Anders Vejrgang pulled off an undefeated streak for over four months, racking up 535 straight wins before it was finally broken over the weekend.

Vejrgang lost his 536th match 5-1. The Dane found himself behind 1-0 heading into halftime and it ballooned to a two-goal deficit shortly after the break. Vejrgang answered back with a goal, but his opponent quickly responded to make it 3-1. A few desperate offensive attempts allowed his adversary to quickly slip in two more goals in the final minutes of the game, thus ending the phenomenal streak.

Vejrgang signed with RBLZ Gaming—Bundesliga team RB Leipzig’s esports affiliate—last September but can’t even play in EA FIFA tournaments yet since he’s below the required 16 years old, But for a phenom who’s been making headlines since he was 12, this achievement is just the latest feather in a brimming cap.

Notable FIFA content creators like NepentheZ, MattHDGamer, and Astralis’ August “Agge” Rosenmeier congratulated Vejrgang on the achievement. Many fans of the game are looking forward to his future career in the competitive scene once he crosses the requisite age threshold.

There are still more than 30 weekends before the presumable launch of FIFA 22, which means there’s more than enough time for Vejrgang to rack up consecutive victories in an attempt at his own record.