Zain, n0ne, and other players react to anonymous insider’s post about Nintendo’s treatment of Super Smash Bros. competitive scene

The community is not happy with Nintendo.

Image via Nintendo

The competitive Super Smash Bros. community has been up in arms following Nintendo’s decision to shut down The Big House Online.

Nintendo confirmed it nixed the event because the tournament organizer planned to use Slippi, a community-made mod that provides an online experience for Melee that is nearly authentic to in-person play.

Since that decision, players, content creators, and organizations have been weighing in on Nintendo’s treatment of the Melee community and the lack of support given to the Smash scene as a whole. And now, an anonymous source claiming to be an insider has dropped an entire laundry list of alleged instances of Nintendo working against the best interest of the competitive community.

The “anonymous Smasher” talks about multiple interactions between Nintendo and companies like Twitch, Red Bull, MLG, and ESL, which all ended in nothing getting done for the community. Many of these claims have been made by streamers, TOs, and other members of the community in the past.

Over the years, Nintendo has been heavily criticized for a perceieved lack of support to esports. Sponsoring a handful of events, rarely contributing financially to events, and in some cases, actively trying to shut something down, has made the developer and publisher disliked throughout the Smash scene.

Now the community is responding, with players from Melee, Ultimate, and other games speaking out against Nintendo’s actions in the present and past. Yet another Smash related hashtag, “#SaveSmash,” is trending worldwide, with comments ranging from angry players to pleading fans. 

One of the top players in the world and Smash Summit 10 Online Champion, Zain Naghmi said he was “heated.”

Top player Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby and several others are calling on the Smash communities to unite to fight back against Nintendo and defend the games they love. There isn’t really a clear path ahead, but right now, the goal seems to be keeping the scene alive and trying to push Nintendo to stay away from the competitive side of Smash in tandem with the previous “#FreeMelee” trend. 

Those pleas were answered, as big names from across the community, such as top Ultimate players Leonardo “MKLeo” Perez and Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby giving their own takes. Dabuz even said he wishes he could compete “in something else, anything where the company in charge actually cares.”

Comments from outside of the community also leaked in, with professional boxer Ryan Garcia asking Nintendo to see how much people love Melee

Since there hasn’t been a response from Nintendo regarding the cancelation of The Big House Online, it is unlikely this information, which has been circulating within the scene for years, is going to make the company comment.

As Melee personality and former Beyond the Summit producer Anthony “Slime” Bruno said, “one day everyone, including me will be able to spill all possible beans, but until then let’s put a kevlar vest on Fizzi.”