Zain lands incredible edge guard in Super Smash Bros

Marth enthusiasts should look to this play for inspiration.

Image via Nintendo

The drive that a fighting game player has to improve never ends. During Zain’s practice stream last night, the Marth player landed an impressive punish against an opposing Fox in Super Smash Bros.

Marth doing combos off of grabs isn’t anything new against Fox since Fox has one of the fastest falling speeds in all of Super Smash Bros. Melee. But this combo was landed on Fox’s fresh third stock, taking him from zero percent all the way to his death.

Off of a pivot grab, Zain back-threw the opposing Fox, followed by a down tilt into a short hop forward air. He then quickly ledge-canceled into another forward air to knock his opponent off the stage.

The pressure didn’t end there, though. Zain quickly dove deep off the stage to shut down the opponent’s options. Afterward, he got under his opponent using an up air to cancel his opponent’s Fox Fire and continued the punishment. A single hit of Dancing Blade and a pivot Dolphin Slash knocked the opponent while Zain safely grabbed the stage to stay alive.

After landing the combo in under four seconds, his viewers erupted in excitement at the sight of such an incredible play, proving Zain’s mastery over his own character. Eventually, Zain won the round with two stocks remaining, cementing how much control he had over the entire match.