When does LeBron James release in Multiversus?

It's time to jam.

The Multiversus roster is expanding to include several new playable characters, including NBA star LeBron James. The new character will join Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s platform fighter on July 26, the same date the game’s open beta will release to the public.

This version of LeBron James is stripped right out of his memorable performance in Space Jam: A New Legacy, as he is adorned in his Toon Squad jersey. James’ basketball-centric moveset displayed in his gameplay trailer quickly earned the attention of NBA fans and Multiversus players alike. Though voiced by John Bentley and not King James himself, the character takes on the exaggerated likeness of the four-time NBA champion.

In a follow-up tweet, Player First Games revealed LeBron will be a bruiser class character. He will be the fifth bruiser introduced into Multiversus, competing alongside the likes of Shaggy, Batman, Garnet, and Jake the Dog.

Announced at San Diego Comic-Con, LeBron James is only one of two additions fans can expect to hit the Multiversus roster. Rick Sanchez and Morty from the popular animated series Rick and Morty are also set to join the fray.

Joining the game’s growing roster in only a few short days and before the start of Season One, LeBron James will be playable for users planning to compete at Multiversus’ first major tournament. James, along with the rest of the already released fighter game cast, will be playable at Evo 2022, where Warner Bros. is boasting a $100,000 prize on Aug. 7.

LeBron James’ entry into the series was an unforeseeable move by Warner Bros., but this could be telling to expect the unexpected in its ambitious, new fighting game. Players across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC will all be able to try out LeBron James on July 26.