Ultimate Summit 3 prize pool exceeds $150,000, on pace to become biggest Super Smash Bros. prize pool ever

There is still plenty of time to break the record.

Image via Beyond the Summit

Just a day after breaking $100,000, the Ultimate Summit Three prize pool has now surpassed $150,000 and is on pace to become the biggest Super Smash Bros. prizing in history. 

Beyond the Summit’s second Smash Major this year trailed the first, Smash Summit 11, which holds the current record for the biggest Smash prize pool in history at $155,373. This surge in the prize pool came during the final 20 hours of Ultimate Summit’s vote-in period, which saw six players added to the event’s final roster after pooling together support from across the community.

That support came in the form of fans spending money to crowdfund votes and the prize pool, which, as usual, exploded in the final minutes as players tried to use coordinated vote drops to secure a last-second win. 

Hours after voting closed, the event’s prizing currently sits at $153,559, with 93 percent of it being crowdfunded by $315,073 in total shop purchases and donations. 

Ultimate Summit Three will run from Aug. 26 to 30, with VoiD, Aaron Wilhite, Riddles, Trevor “Atomsk” Hirschen, Charlie “Charliedaking” Antoun, and Kolawole “Kola” Aideyan making the cut. BTS is also flying out Peanut and WaDi, the final two players eliminated in the voting phase, to act as alternative competitors just in case any invited or qualified player has travel issues.

The Ultimate Summit Three will remain open until the end of August, which means it almost certainly going to close the less than $2,000 gap and surpass Smash Summit 11 as the biggest prize pool in Smash history.