Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to celebrate Street Fighter 35th anniversary with event, new spirit

Make sure you've got these spirits in your collection.

Image via Capcom | Remix by Cale Michael

To the surprise of fans, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will host its first new spirit event since its content cycle came to a conclusion in late 2021. Along with the event, a new spirit will also join the game.

This event is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter and will kick off on Friday, Jan. 14. During this five-day event, Street Fighter spirits will appear on the spirit board, allowing players to challenge them and add them to their collection.

The new spirit joining the game is Ryu Awakened to the Wave of Killing. This attacker-type spirit will boost attack when in use. This is the latest Street Fighter spirit and could possibly be the last spirit added to the game for a while.

Street Fighter characters made their debut in Super Smash Bros. in June 2015 when Ryu finally debuted in the Wii U / 3DS title. The character made its return for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when it launched on Nintendo Switch. Since then, we have seen other characters from the game join the fight.

There aren’t any new fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and may not be any more spirits after this, but there is still plenty to do as you complete your spirit collection.