Super Smash Bros. Ultimate set to hold flower-themed spirit board event

It's Flower Power time.

Image via Nintendo

This week Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will host its latest spirit board event starring a variety of flower-related spirits.

The event will begin on Friday, Sept. 24, and will boast many of the games flower spirits, and related objects appearing to earn on the Spirit Board. During this three-day event, victories will return player gold at an increased rate than usual. Some of the star spirits of this event include Pokémon’s Celebi, Pikmin, Wiggler, Prince Peasley, and more.

There won’t be any new spirits introduced this week but you’ll have quite a few that you may have missed in the past. If you’ve been chasing down any of these particular spirits or just want to add some extras to your collection, make sure you don’t miss this event.

This week’s spirit event will conclude at midnight on Sunday, Sept. 26.