Sakurai will reveal new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character in 35-minute presentation next week

An ARMS character will be revealed.

Image via Nintendo

Masahiro Sakurai will appear in a 35-minute presentation for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next week where the creator will reveal the upcoming DLC character from ARMS.

The ARMS character will be the 76th fighter in the game. It’s still scheduled to be added in June 2020, according to Smash’s website.

Recent rumors suggest that the ARMS fighter could actually be multiple characters, with all of them sharing the same moveset from the Switch boxing game. The game has done this with other fighters, basically adding two characters into one and calling them Echo Fighters.

Smash Bros. Ultimate has added six DLC fighters since launch and there’s six more on the way in another round of additional content. The game has already been supplemented with characters like Piranha Plant, Joker, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, Terry, and Byleth.

It’s unclear when the new fighter will be added to the game, but we could learn more in Sakurai’s presentation. The 35-minute video will likely highlight the character’s moves and abilities, but more surprises could be on the way, too.

The live video presentation begins on Monday, June 22 at 9am CT.