Quarantine Series Minor One: Live results and standings

The Quarantine Series is officially underway.

Screengrab via Cr1TiKaL

The Quarantine Series will provide many players a chance to compete at the highest level of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that online play can provide, with multiple events being held in the upcoming months. 

The first tournament, or the Quarantine Series Minor 1, is working as a qualifier for the first Major that will be held on May 2, as players try to rack up circuit points to qualify the events spreading into July. It will lead to a Quarantine Series finals set at the end of the circuit, which will have a large prize pool and feature the best players from each tournament.

Because this is one of the only big Smash tournaments taking place during the coronavirus pandemic, almost every top player in the world signed up to compete in the opening Minor. Names like MkLeo, Tweek, Maister, Glutonny, and Samsora filled out the top of the seeding, with a total of 5,121 players registering to compete. 

The circuit points and prize total will be handed out after the winners are decided, but here are the top placements from the first Quarantine Series Minor.

Top 8

2ndEdgar “Sparg0” ValdezTBD
5th-6thMr. ETBD
5th-6thBrian “Benny&TheJets” NavarroTBD

Top 24

9th-12thDarius “Laid” HillTBD
9th-12thVincent “Vinny G” GhiroliTBD
13th-16thDavid “LeoN” LeonTBD
13th-16thLuis “Lui$” OcegueraTBD
17th-24thClement “SuperStriker” MadisonTBD
17th-24thRicky “LingLing” GorritzTBD
17th-24thJay “Jayy” MTBD

Several huge upsets happened early, with MkLeo and other big names getting eliminated outside of the top 16. 

One notable knockout was ZeRo, who entered his first tournament in over a year playing Little Mac, Diddy Kong, Wolf, and Mario. He was eliminated in 33rd after losing to Tweek and Mason “yumeko” Ray. 

The next Quarantine Series event will be hosted by Pound and will feature a Melee tournament with most of the big name players competing for the first time in months. That tournament begins on April 24, followed by Ultimate Singles on April 25.