Player nominations for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Summit 3 were briefly affected by botting

Beyond the Summit and took care of the issue before it could really impact the event.

Image via Beyond the Summit

Beyond the Summit’s Super Smash Bros. events always involve some element of community voting. This usually means that fans can vote on a certain number of players that they want to see compete in the tournament, leading to battles between communities to get their favorite players in. 

Earlier today, however, both BTS and tournament hosting platform were affected by an influx of nominations from bots that impacted the layout of Smash Ultimate Summit Three. 

This incident happened right before the voting stage for Summit opened, meaning multiple players that were likely to make it into the voting stage would have been eliminated due to bot nominations pushing them out of the top 20.

BTS and were notified of the issue and notified the community that all of the botted nominations were going to be removed. This was finalized hours before the nomination period ended and voting officially opened. 

Like with all Summit events, over the next two weeks, the players with the lowest votes will be eliminated starting with the bottom three on Aug. 9. Once there are nine players remaining, the top two players on Aug. 12, 14, and 16 respectively will be invited to Ultimate Summit Three to compete, joining the nine players that were already invited. 

Ultimate Summit Three will run from Aug. 26 to 30, with a full event schedule dropping closer to when voting actually ends.