MultiVersus appears to be Scooby Dooby Dooing a Halloween event and stream

MultiVersus is going to get spooky next month

Image via Warner Bros.

MultiVersus took the fighting game genre by storm this summer when it launched and had more players than any other existing fighting game. As a live-service game, Player First Games has continuously been adding new content to MultiVersus, like a new battle pass and additional fighters. Now it seems that MultiVersus will be getting its first major holiday event this year with Halloween.

According to MultiVersus dataminer @LaisulMV on Twitter, the game is set to get a “Scoobtober” Halloween event and stream starting on Oct. 28 and running until Oct. 30. Not only will this event bring new changes to the game, but it may also bring the Shop with it, something players have been asking for since its release. If true, this would mark one step closer to the game’s release out of beta.

If this leak proves to be true, then that would mean players have a unique chance to earn special Halloween in-game cosmetics like Ringouts and Profile Icons. Laisul said that watching the stream will be enough to earn the rewards, likely via Twitch Drops. These rewards are rumored as follows:

  • 30 minutes: 10 Toasts
  • One hour: Scoobtober Profile Icon
  • One hour, 30 minutes: Halloween Ringout
  • Two hours: Scoobtober Banner

Some of the other Profile Icons that Laisul points out include:

  • Boo
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Black Lantern WW
  • Black Lantern Superman

Right now, this is mostly speculation based on what Laisul and @Scoobyverse were able to find in the game’s files. While nothing is confirmed, a Halloween update inside MultiVersus could be a lot of fun and shake up what players have so far gotten used to.