Minneapolis charity Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament raises over $35,000

The Smash community came together for a great cause.

Image via Nintendo

In light of the protests going on around the world, the Super Smash Bros. community got together to host a charity netplay tournament benefiting the George Floyd Memorial Fund, Reclaim the Block, Black Visions Collective, and the Tony McDade Memorial Fund.

Through all of the players competing, restreaming, and community donations, the Minneapolis Charity Netplay Event raised $35,477 in two days. 

Top players like Mang0, S2J, Axe, Lucky, Hugs, and iBDW all competed while also streaming their games and raising money for the event. S2J took first place with a strong run through the losers bracket after being swept by iBDW in the Winners Semifinals. 

He had to go through FatGoku, Zaid “Spark” Aldi, and Oliver “Zeo” Pei to make it into the grand finals, where he took first place after a bracket reset against iBDW. 

Here is the breakdown for where the money came from, which also includes credits for all of the commentators, organizers, and other roles that made the charity event possible. 

  • Total: $35,477
    • Streamlabs: $22,855
    • Venmo: $3,396
    • Smash.gg Entry Fee: $2,068
    • Restreamers: $7,158

This portion of the Minneapolis Charity Netplay Event was hosted on the West Coast, with plans for an East Coast edition likely in the works for the near future. Tournament organizer Ryobeat said he will post images of each donation sent to the causes being supported in the coming days.