Leroy Smith and Ganryu coming to Tekken 7 on Dec. 10

The new fighters are going to be here soon.

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

Yesterday’s Microsoft store leak proved to be correct in confirming that Tekken series veteran Ganryu would be joining newcomer Leroy Smith in the second wave of season three DLC for Tekken 7.

Just before the Top Eight kicked off at the TEKKEN World Tour Finals 2019, fans got confirmation through two trailers that finally revealed the new characters would be joining the roster on Dec. 10. 

The hype trailer for Leroy Smith made the character look just as interesting as his original reveal back at Evo 2019. His mix of traditional fighting, the use of his cane, and assist from his dog show he will have a rather diverse moveset. 

But the big reveal was that Ganryu will be returning to the game in the next update, which was shown through an odd video that used a combination of in-game footage and motion-captured jokes from Harada. This all led up to the announcement that the next big update, which will bring the two characters and a Frame Data Display to the game, is coming on Dec. 10.

The timing is perfect because it will be after the conclusion on the pro season, allowing professional players to spend a solid month practicing with the new characters in the new patch. 

This will breathe even more life into a game that is already thriving in the competitive Fighting Game Community. So keep your eyes out for some top-level players streaming the update once they get home from the World Tour Finals.