Kefla available now in Dragon Ball FighterZ with FighterZ Pass 3

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! My power just keeps rising, it's incredible!"

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

The season three content updates are rolling out for Dragon Ball FighterZ, which includes the new assist system, general character changes, and now, the first DLC character for FighterZ Pass Three.

The fused Saiyan from Universe Six Kefla is available to download now for all players who purchase the new DLC pass and will be made available for individual download on Feb. 28—the original date she was supposed to release. 

For those players who want to get their hands on the newest character in the DBFZ roster, you can get a few days of early practice by purchasing the entire FighterZ Pass 3 for $19.99. This will automatically allow you to download Kefla and add her to your playable roster. 

If you don’t see her icon unlocked on the character select screen, don’t panic. This is an error that sometimes happens with DLC fighters for the game and is easy to fix. 

Once you purchase the FighterZ Pass Three, you might need to find the Kefla DLC page and manually download her data. This should resolve the issue should she be unavailable to select once you restart the game following the download.

As of now, Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku are the only characters that have been revealed for the FighterZ Pass Three lineup, but there are still three more slots to go. UI Goku will release sometime in the spring, and you’ll likely get him a little early too if you decide to buy the entire DLC pass.

Other updates will continue to be added as the new season of DBFZ content is released. But for now, you can enjoy learning all of the new assists and try to master the abilities of Kefla as you challenge other players around the world.


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