Hungrybox debates who the best MultiVersus character is following latest patch

He gave a few possibilities.

Image via WB Interactive

The MultiVersus open beta V0.1 patch has shaken up the game’s meta. And while it’s clear what characters aren’t the best in the game, Hungrybox isn’t totally sure what toon will rise to the top as the game’s new best character—but he has a few ideas.

After a handful of characters received nerfs, most notably Taz and his Taz-nado ability, Hungrybox seemed to think it’s still a bit too early to tell what character is the best as he tested out the newly added LeBron James character.

As a Bugs Bunny main prior to the hotfix, Hungrybox was quick to suggest everyone’s favorite cartoon rabbit might still be the cream of the crop. But after a little bit of thought, he added a few other potential options.

“It might be Shaggy or Finn right now,” he said. “Maybe Harley, or there’s Velma. I think Shaggy, Finn, or Harley.”

His wishy-washy opinion isn’t unjustified either. Batman, who was among the best characters in the game, received a plethora of changes to his Batarang, and Bugs Bunny’s air up attack received a hitbox nerf that might make him slightly less powerful.

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Meanwhile, the addition of LeBron as a character only adds to the complexity of the game’s character balance. And in the coming weeks, that balance will only get more difficult to read as Morty from Rick & Morty is added to the roster. After that, Rick is set to join the fray during season one.

And by then, there will surely be more tweaks made to the game that will continually reshape the way players approach the character select screen.