How to watch Let’s Make Big Moves

Get ready to watch some big plays and start 2020 off with a smash.

Screengrab via Even Matchups

Let’s Make Big Moves is the first Major tournament of the 2020 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate season and it will feature some of the biggest names in the scene.

The three-day event is running a bit of an odd schedule that has the main event starting on Saturday instead of running the full length of the weekend. And because of that weird schedule, here is how you can keep up with all of the action.

Starting at 4pm CT on Jan. 3, the Squad Strike bracket will be running with most of the top players also competing in the three-character throwdown. Because it is a side event, it will be the only game mode shown on stream while everyone is warming up for Saturday. 

It will run from 4pm to 10pm, but it will probably go long since it is a side event. 

Jan. 4 is when the main singles bracket begins, but to give everyone time to get information on their pool times and get some afternoon handwarmer matches in, doubles is going to start the day at 9am. Because the bracket is rather small, it will only run until 12pm before transitioning over to singles pools. 

If doubles run long, Wave A of singles pools will start streaming on the VGBootCamp Twitch channel instead of EvenMatchupGaming to keep things on schedule. Here are the times for all four waves, but just remember that it doesn’t matter what pool is being streamed because top players will usually be shown over other matches to push viewership. 

PoolStart Times (all in CT)
Wave A12pm
Wave B2pm
Wave C4pm
Wave D6pm

And to finish off the second day is arguably the most hyped part of the entire event, the Tristate vs. The World crew battle that will put all of the best players from the tri-state area against every other top player in attendance. Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada and the other locals will try to protect their turf at 8pm. 

The final day will only have singles matches on stream, with the Top 128 starting at 11am and running all the way through the top eight at 5pm. Here is the full schedule of the final day. 

BracketStart Times (all in CT)
Top 128 Wave A11am
Top 128 Wave B1pm
Top 163pm
Top 85pm

As with most fighting game tournaments, all of these times are subject to change because there is always a chance that several matches in any given round could cause the time to go over. Matches will also be split between the main stream on the Even Matchup channel and the secondary VGBootCamp feed depending on how much different segments overlap. 

Because this is the first S-Tier Major of the year LMBM has very heavy implications and will also be an important factor in setting the tone for all other upcoming 2020 events. For any additional information about the tournament, you can check out the official event page.