How to watch Capcom Cup 2019

It's time to spend all weekend watching Street Fighter.

Screengrab via Capcom

The competitive year for Street Fighter V is about to end with a bang. Capcom Cup 2019 is approaching and the top 32 players will have to fight against each other in the finale of the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour. 

This weekend is going to start with the Capcom Cup 2019 Last Chance Qualifier, go to the Street Fighter League World Championship, and then end by crowning a new champion to end the year. 

So for anyone who wants to watch both tournaments, here is all of the information you need to enjoy the Last Chance Qualifier and Capcom Cup 2019. 

Last Chance Qualifier

Starting with the Last Chance Qualifier, it will be running all day Dec. 13, with coverage available from the official CapcomFighters Twitch channel.

Other coverage for the LCQ can be found on Commander Jesse’s Twitch channel, with added commentary by Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis and David “UltraDavid” Graham. None of the matches are being officially shown on stream, but updates will be available on the events official page. 

Some of the LCQ matches will likely end up on YouTube after the event, so keep your eyes out for that. 

What’s the Capcom Cup schedule?

Once the 32nd player earns their spot from the LCQ, Capcom Cup will officially begin. Starting Saturday, Dec.14 at 10:30am CT, the top 32 will get underway, with matches going until the field is narrowed down to 16 players for the final day. 

Once the Top 16 is decided, the Street Fighter League World Championship will kick off. This will decide the winner of the three-on-three Team Battle tournament series that started this year, with six teams full of professional players set to compete. This side event will begin at 8:30pm CT and end the first official day of Capcom Cup 2019. 

Finals day will once again begin at 10:30am CT, with the event set to last until about 9pm CT. A champion will be crowned on Dec. 15. All of the matches for the top 32, Street Fighter League World Championship, and Capcom Cup Finals can be viewed on the official CapcomFighters Twitch channel.

So the full schedule looks something like this: 

EventStart date/time
LCQDec. 13 at 10am CT
Top 32Dec. 14 at 10:30am CT
Street Fighter League World ChampionshipDec. 14 at 8:30pm CT
Capcom Cup FinalsDec. 15 at 10:30am CT

What’s the prize?

The prize varies for all of the three events, but here is what the top finisher will earn from each of them. 

EventTop prize
LCQQualifies for the Capcom Cup Finals
Street Fighter League World Championship$90,000 (split between the team)
Capcom Cup Finals$120,000

How can I watch the Capcom Cup Finals?

Capcom is going to be streaming all of the games on its main Twitch channel, CapcomFighters, so it will be very easy to keep up with all of the matches and player interviews going on throughout the weekend. 

All of the side events will also be streamed to the main page, which is why the schedule was laid out to have the Street Fighter League World Championship occur after top 32. This will keep the content on one channel so no one has to manage multiple streams, like Evo 2019. 

Where can I keep track of my favorite games and players? has all of the brackets available for viewing right now, which will be constantly updated as the event goes on. Since the event is only 32 players deep, you should be able to open up which bracket is currently live and see how each player is doing. 

Or if you can’t find the specific player you are looking for, you can select the game they are competing in and search for their Gamertag to instantly pull up their results.