Guilty Gear Strive is headed to arcades in Japan

Strive is set to come to home consoles later this year.

Screengrab via Arc System Works

Fans of classic arcade fighting games will be happy to learn that Arc Systems’ latest entry in the Guilty Gear franchise, Guilty Gear Strive, will receive an arcade version—at least in Japan.

The upcoming entry in the series is slated to release sometime this year. The devs recently revealed a new trailer for a returning character, Faust, at Frosty Faustings XII over the weekend.

The arcade version of Guilty Gear Strive should come as no surprise to those living in Japan, however. Most fighting games usually get an arcade release alongside the home console version that’s sometimes even updated and given more content than the original release (looking at you, Pokkén for the Wii U).

A demo of the game will be showcased at the Japan Amusement Expo in February, with a closed beta coming later this year for those who want to play it at home. Details about the beta, however, are still scarce.

Of course, if you don’t live in Japan or don’t want to spend a ton of money on it, Strive is still slated to come to home consoles later this year.