Granblue Fantasy Versus has full English options in the Asia version of the game

Who needs to wait for the English release?

Image via XSEED Games

Despite Granblue Fantasy Versus, one of the most anticipated fighting games of the year, not releasing in North America for another month, the game’s Asian version includes full English options.

If you make an Asian PlayStation Network account and purchase PSN cards for that region, you can buy Granblue Fantasy Versus right now and play it, but as many users are discovering, they don’t have to go through the trouble of memorizing menus. Instead, all you have to do is navigate to the options menu and then the “Sound & Language Settings” in order to play the entire game in English. 

For some reason, XSEED Games and Cygames didn’t limit what files were put into the full release in Asian regions, which means any player that buys the game digitally on PSN can play it in English, too. Both the Text and Voice language options can be flipped from Japanese to English with no apparent issues to any of the game’s data or performance. 

This is great news for players who were worried about falling behind the Japanese competition in learning the new title, as almost a month makes a huge difference when training for a tournament. Now, the most competitive players will all be preparing for Evo 2020 on an even playing field.

As of now, it appears the English Voice option doesn’t actually work and it defaults back to Japanese while the English subtitles still appear perfectly fine. 

Be careful when buying Japanese or Asian region PSN cards, though, as in most cases you will be unable to use your normal card and will have to purchase them from a third-party site. Many users are saying that Play Asia and several other sellers are being listed as sold out because so many people are purchasing the cards, so shop safely. 

The full release of Granblue Fantasy Versus is set to release on March 3 in NA on PS4 and there is no date yet for a European release, so this might be your best bet at playing the game in general.