Dragon Ball FighterZ balancing update set to arrive in July

This will include much needed changes to Android 21 (Lab Coat).

Dragon Ball FighterZ players now have new on when they can expect the next balancing update to land in the game. In a post on social media, Bandai Namco revealed the team is hard at work on the update, which is now set to be released around July. This update was first announced in early May but now it has a timeframe for release.

Players can expect the game’s balancing update to include changes to its newest character Android 21 (Lab Coat) which was recently banned from competitive play. While it took more than a year to arrive, the game’s latest fighter has become a dominant force in the current meta.

Earlier this week Android 21 (Lab Coat) was banned from play at CEO 2022 after long discussions between tournament organizers and members of the Dragon Ball FighterZ community.

In her current state, Android 21 (Lab Coat) is believed to be too powerful. This opinion is backed up by recent tournament results. She was a part of almost all of the top teams at Combo Breaker 2022 mostly because of her kit which provides her a 21 percent damage debuff to weaken foes.

It isn’t clear exactly what changes will be made to Android 21 (Lab Coat) in this July update whether it will be a rework, nerfs, or more likely a mixture of both. Bandai Namco couldn’t provide this information in their recent post but assured it is coming.

For now, players will have to deal with Android 21 (Lab Coat) in her current state, but it should be comforting to know that changes are only just around the corner.