Cham Cham and Hibiki Takane to join Samurai Shodown later this year

An update to the game's battle system is also coming soon.

Screengrab via SNK

As part of a presentation that was meant to show off the first real look at King of Fighters XV, SNK also gave players more details about the upcoming Season Pass Three for Samurai Shodown after it was delayed an extra day. 

We already knew one of the new DLC characters would be from one of SNK’s other titles, The Last Blade, but the first trailer for the update surprised everyone with the reveal of Cham-Cham. 

Cham-Cham is a character from the Samurai Shodown series who fights like an animal and uses an oversized boomerang as a weapon. She will be added to the game sometime in mid-March as the first DLC character for Season Pass Three. 

The Last Blade character was revealed after that, confirming Hibiki Takane as the second fighter that will be dropping later this year. There was no actual gameplay to showcase how Hibiki will play, but based on her gameplay in her own series, she will use a lot of faster slashes and precise counters, which fit perfectly in SamSho

Screengrab via SNK

The game as a whole will also be receiving a pretty significant update to the battle system, including a new guard crush mechanic, along with a complete rebalance for the entire roster. Players will also notice that weapons can’t be knocked off-stage during a battle anymore, meaning you can’t permanently disarm an opponent.