The ARMS 5.3 update finally adds an in-game leaderboards for competitive players

A ton more features have also been added.

Image via Nintendo

ARMS, Nintendo’s motion-controlled fighting game, received its typical monthly update today, bringing with it one of the game’s most requested features— competitive in-game leaderboards.

The new feature released today, called “Dashboard,” keeps track of a player’s ranked results by showing them off on new worldwide and regionally-ranked leaderboards. These leaderboards can also be split between the 15 playable characters for those looking for the best players of a single character.

The Dashboard also includes tips and techniques for aspiring players. These tips videos include basic mechanics overviews and fighter-specific videos for those looking to either learn the character, or learn how to successfully counter that character’s abilities and moveset. Players can also watch clips from previous ARMS tournaments, to see how the best players perform on stage.

Originally, the only way for players to see how they were doing in-game was to use the Japanese ARMS website’s leaderboard. The leaderboard only showed the top 200 players in the world, however, and was very limited in what it could offer.

Alongside the Dashboard, 15 new images have been added to the gallery and Korean is now supported. Some of the fighters and weapons have also had a few of their abilities adjusted to balance the game.

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