The latest ARMS update adds a new mode and a bunch of other adjustments

ARMS continues to buff and nerf its fighters for competitive play.

Image via Nintendo

ARMS, Nintendo’s motion-controlled fighting game, has received its typical monthly update today, bringing with it a host of new changes.

The big addition in the update is a new mode called “Big Time ARMS.” This mode gives each fighter massive arms that deal large amounts of damage, making it a fun mode to play casually with friends. Matches in “Big Time” usually last just 20 seconds.

On top of the new mode, the new update has added 15 new images to the game’s gallery and has fixed issues where fighters with super armor would not have their arms disabled by electric attacks.

A ton of fighters were also adjusted for competitive play with various characters being nerfed or buffed in multiple areas in order to try to balance the game.

Springtron has received the biggest changes, however. His speed has been increased to make it easier for players to dodge attacks but his movement speed when jumping has been decreased to compensate for the buff. His weight class has also increased, making him fall faster when he is in the air.

All the character updates and changes to the game are available on ARMS’s official patch page.