The ARMS 4.0 update adds a new fighter, stage, and weapons

Nintendo finally reveal the man behind the mask—Misango.

Image via Nintendo

ARMS, Nintendo’s motion-controlled fighting game has finally been updated to version four— and it’s well worth the wait.

The update brings with it a new character, weapons, the Aztec-themed stage that was teased on Nov. 10, and a bunch of tweaks to pre-existing weapons.

The biggest addition to the game is the Aztec-themed character Misango. He’s one of the game’s most ambitious and complicated characters to date, and has a whole host of different abilities that can only be activated by doing specific actions.

His main ability is a spirit that circles around him while he fights. He can charge this spirit up in three ways to give him extra abilities to use in battle. For example, when Misango guards for a long enough time, the spirit around him transforms into a small pillar on energy in front of him that can Misango can use to block incoming attacks.

This level of depth in a character is something the ARMS community has not seen before and will definitely please the competitive community. Misango is shaping up to be a great addition to the roster as he gives the player a wealth of combat strategies in his kit.

Three new weapons were also included in this update that use the brand new element added to the game—Poison. All these weapons are infused with the new Poison element, which slowly deals constant damage to an opponent over a small period of time if the weapon lands a hit.

The first weapon, Scorpio, is a Scorpion-like weapon which crawls on the ground towards its foe. The second, a poison blorb, is a lot like over spherical weapons already in the game. The weapon bounces towards foes and explode on contact, dealing massive damage. The last of these weapons, the Skully, is the fastest weapon in the game so far, and can be used to pester and interrupt foes at lightning speeds.

This new character is arguably the most complicated the game has ever seen—and that’s making players even more excited to try him out.