ARMS update 3.2 will add achievements and more

A new character could be on the way, too.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo released a trailer for ARMS’ next big update as part of its Nintendo World Championships coverage yesterday—and it’s a doozy.

Not much is currently known about the updateother than what the trailer showedbut a lot was teased during the video, including a remix of the game’s theme song.

Achievements are coming to the game in the form of badges. Once a player unlocks a badge, they can use it during the character loading screen to show off their accomplishments.

The end of the trailer also showcased what could either be a new character—a robotic Spring Man, the main character of the game—or a new gameplay mechanic. Not much is known at this time about the character, other than the few seconds of screen time Nintendo provided in this trailer.

This update is expected to come out sometime in the next few months and brings a slew of new content, including a new stage—and hopefully a new character.