Arc System Works confirms new Guilty Gear -Strive- footage will be shown at New Game+ Expo

New footage and information will be shared at an upcoming presentation.

Screengrab via Arc System Works

Guilty Gear -Strive- was recently delayed until 2021. But that doesn’t mean that Arc System Works isn’t going to show off the game a little bit more this year. 

The first new look at -Strive- will come at the recently-announced streaming presentation, New Game+ Expo, Arc System Works revealed today. Other companies like SEGA, Koei Tecmo, and SNK will also showcase new footage and information. 

Outside of a more polished look at some gameplay and a potential character reveal, it’s unknown what content will actually be shown at the event. The developers only just announced the game’s delay due to the current global health climate, so whatever is going to be talked about could be vastly different than other presentations. 

The event is scheduled to begin on June 23, which gives ArcSys plenty of time to put together a good showing for its next big game. 

Players will be looking forward to hearing about new characters, other game modes, and, most importantly, how the developers are approaching improvements for the online system. The closed beta that was hosted last month didn’t paint -Strive-’s online lobby in a good light, but ArcSys should have some new information available by the end of June. 

Outside of that, it’s safe to guess that some of the content that was supposed to be shown at the various canceled fighting game tournaments and conventions this year will also be included, which is why a character reveal or two is the most likely outcome. 

The New Game+ Expo is set to begin at 10am CT on June 23.