EVO Japan will return next year

The event will be held next February in Fukuoka, Japan.

Adam Newell  -  10 days ago

Capcom's Tokyo Game Show CPT event has a 10 million yen prize pool

The amount is one of the largest in Japanese esports history— and for good reason.
Adam Newell - 11 days ago - FGC

Samsung and SIMPLE Mobile partner with Echo Fox's Injustice 2 team

With new support, the team will look to continue its dominance.
Brian Chang - 17 days ago - FGC

Shaq will compete in ELEAGUE's Street Fighter 5 Celebrity Showdown

Jimmy Rollins, Baron Davis, and Natalie Eva Marie will be there, too.
Nicole Carpenter - 19 days ago - FGC

Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour kicks off at CEO next week

Bandai's tournament circuit is about to begin.
Adam Newell - 25 days ago - FGC

Here's everything you need to know about Evo 2018

This guide will help you get through all of the mayhem.
Adam Newell - a month ago - FGC

Here are all the changes to characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | E3 2018

The game is introducing many changes to beloved characters.
Adam Newell - a month ago - FGC

ZeRo wins the E3 Smash Bros Ultimate Invitational | E3 2018

It's our first competitive look into the brand new game.
Adam Newell - a month ago - FGC

Could another new character be revealed for Smash Bros. Ultimate later today? | E3 2018

Will the Smash Bros. Invitation prove to be a bigger hit?
Adam Newell - a month ago - FGC

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