Upcoming Fall Guys patch to introduce many expected changes

It's going to be a great week for Fall Guys players.

Image via Devolver Digital

Fall Guys went live at the beginning of August and received an overwhelming amount of support. The players’ interest was off the charts, and the game helped create some of the best gaming moments in history. While there was a short beta period before the release to fix bugs, it was hardly enough for the game’s playerbase, which exceeded millions.

Mediatonic, the developer of Fall Guys, has been working hard on updates to iron out the finer details. A new batch of fixes and features are on their way, according to Fall Guys’ announcement on Twitter today.

The patch includes a total of 12 changes, ranging from quality-of-life updates to map-specific improvements. One of the significant changes that should make team games a more pleasant experience is that they’ll only appear if team sizes are equal. Players could get into team games while being down a player in the previous patches, and it made the game modes feel rather unfair.

Party members will be sorted first in Spectator Mode, meaning you won’t have to scroll through the whole lobby to find your friends. This was primarily a discomfort for PC players since the name variations are currently made up of random numbers.

PS4 players will have the option to revert X/Y axis and sensitivity settings following the patch, an excellent quality-of-life feature for old school gamers. Some UI improvements will also hit the live servers for PS4 users, mainly on non-pro models of the console.

A bug that allows players to grab moving objects in Slime Climb will be no more, which may cause players to work on their winning strategies for the map.

Image via Devolver Digital

The latest final stage map of the game, Jump Showdown, is getting some adjustments. There will be geometry changes going live with the match to prevent specific gameplay exploits, and the camera will not auto-pan while playing the map.

The in-game store will receive an additional dialog box, helping players to avoid accidental purchases while window shopping.

A hotfix for the five most frequent crashes will go live with the patch as well. These crashes were especially problematic for players since they were mainly server/game-sided, and there weren’t any fixes that Fall Guys players could try to resolve the issues.

The jump button will become re-bindable, giving players more flexibility and improving the game’s overall ergonomics.

Trophy and achievement names and descriptions will now be accurate on all supported languages, which should help avoid confusion among trophy hunters.

The patch is scheduled to become available to download next week, but the developer hasn’t given a specific date yet. The last two patches dropped on a Tuesday and Thursday, respectively, meaning that there isn’t a clear patch schedule to make estimations.