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The best of the best.

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Mediatonic’s last-man-standing obstacle racing game Fall Guys has quickly become one of the top titles on Twitch because of its ability to attract viewers and streamers from a variety of demographics.

The light-hearted game has all of the elements of an easy-going party game, but its sinister undertones that come in the form of multiplayer griefing have the potential to generate highly entertaining content.

While the game is still in its youth, there are a few content creators in particular who have stood out above the rest since the summer introduced the world to Fall Guys. Each streamer’s reputation with the game differs, but all of them are fun to watch in their own right.

Here are the top Fall Guys streamers on Twitch in no particular order.


Formerly a Spanish League of Legends caster, Ibai Llanos is a streamer for G2 Esports and is the most-watched Fall Guys streamer on Twitch. 

He has the Spanish-language audience for Fall Guys pegged and he’s logging the airtime to keep himself competitive with tenured streamers who traditionally average more viewers than him.

With 92 hours streamed on the title, Ibai averages more than 30,000 viewers, according to Twitch stat tracker SullyGnome. His impressive three million hours watched is something only one other stream on this list has managed to match.


Most of xQc’s time playing Fall Guys was early on during the game’s beta test, but the impression he left was notable. As the first top-tier streamer to truly spend a significant amount of time on the title, xQc brought his typical high-energy antics to an already anxiety-inducing game.

If you want to watch xQc play Fall Guys, you’ll have to wait for the right time because he’s known for regularly mixing things up by playing a wide variety of games. But when he takes on the game, it’s exactly what you’d expect to see from the fast-talking former Overwatch League pro.


As another Spanish-language streamer, MrKeroro10’s impressive dedication to Fall Guys is easily found in the 189 hours he’s posted playing the game. Among the top 10 most-watched Twitch streamers to play Fall Guys, Keroro has recorded more than twice the airtime of any other content creator.

His viewership isn’t as high as other people on the list, but with an average of 7,248 people watching the Spanish speaker, he’s gained more followers playing Fall Guys than anyone else on the platform with 293,339 new followers. 


You can’t make a list of the top Fall Guys streamers without including The Fallen One. In the past 30 days, there’s no game that Lupo has played more than Fall Guys on stream—and by many metrics, he’s referred to as “statistically the best.”

Along with getting early access to a special skin, Lupo’s cheeky in-game strats and humor make him a must-watch streamer whether you want to learn how to get a win or just have a good time.


If DrLupo is statistically the best, it’s safe to say that TimTheTatman might be “statistically the worst.” 

But watching him play Fall Guys is worth every second.

While it took Tim numerous days to get his first win in Fall Guys, his viewership on the game grew as people flocked to watch him repeatedly fail before finally taking home a win. 

Tim’s rage-filled demeanor that juxtaposes the bright-colored, playful tone of Fall Guys perfectly sums up what the game represents in so many ways. Though he’s certainly not the most skilled player, his vulnerability is relatable to many, giving him perhaps the most entertaining stream of Fall Guys to watch.

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