New name system and Big Fans level coming to Fall Guys this week

Have you heard about the FAN BIG YEET LITTLE?

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys will release a new update sometime this week that will bring a whole new level, some new features like a naming system, and bug fixes. Players will finally get to learn about the “FAN BIG YEET LITTLE” that Mediatonic has teased for the past week and express some individuality.

The new level will be called Big Fans and will feature a combination of platforms shaped like fans and other obstacles. Players will have to show off their jumping abilities in this one.

Alongside the new level, there will be “new variations throughout the game,” the possibility to select a server region, which will help players choose the closest server to them and reduce ping, and the featured Crown Costumes will be available in the regular store rotation.

A big change will be the new name system, but Mediatonic hasn’t explained how it’ll be done. Mediatonic added the nickname feature with season two, but it only shows in the Nameplate of your bean and not while playing.

Players have complained about the boring Fall Guy 1234 display name since launch, but we still don’t know how the new system works. It’s unclear if it’ll be possible to create your own name or if there will be ready-to-choose options.

Another major feature being added is the Show Selector, which will allow players to queue for multiple shows at the same time, reducing queue times by adding more chances to enter a game.

The update will also bring a new language selection option, improved stability when playing in parties, and lowered chances of three levels being picked: Medieval Rounds, Perfect Match, and Tail Tag.

Here’s the list of issues being fixed with the upcoming update:

  • Falling through tiles on Hex-A-Gone
  • Losing jump inputs, especially on Jump Showdown
  • Grabbing the crown on Fall Mountain and hanging from it instead of winning
  • Infallible achievement sometimes not unlocking
  • Falling on flat surface

Mediatonic hasn’t announced the release date for the update aside from the fact that it’s coming this week. Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4.