How to select a primary profile in Fall Guys

Pick your most progressed profile.

Image via Mediatonic

As Fall Guys expands past the Steam and PS4 platforms to Xbox and Nintendo Switch for season six, players with multiple versions of the game will be able to keep their progress, cosmetics, and currency all on one cross-platform profile with the introduction of cross-progression.

The Fall Guys cross-progression system is being implemented through an Epic Games account that will connect you to multiple platforms, which means all player will need to create or a connect an Epic account to play Fall Guys. They will also need to select a primary profile to connect to Epic if they’re already playing on two separate platforms.

How to select a primary profile in Fall Guys

When season six launches, the next time you open Fall Guys you’ll be required to connect your game to an Epic Games account. Either connect an existing one or create one. After that, if you currently play Fall Guys on just one account, that will become your primary profile, and if you choose to get the game on another platform, all your accolades and items will carry over with you.

It gets a little trickier if you currently play on two platforms and have an account for each of them. Whichever profile you want to be your primary profile, that’s the account you should first link to your Epic Games account. That becomes your primary profile, so pick the one with the most progression.

When it comes to your secondary profile, you won’t be able to transfer your items to your new profile. The Fall Guys team recommends you spend as much of your Crowns, Shards, or Kudos at the store before season six launches. This is because you can contact the player support team after you link your Epic Games account, and you can get the costumes and DLC on your secondary account transferred to your new primary profile. Make sure you grab your Support ID from both accounts before this.

If you accidentally link the wrong account to Epic Games as your primary profile, don’t worry. You can contact the player support team again and they can switch it for you. Linking to an Epic Games account also earns you 10 free Crowns.