How do you transfer progress in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

It doesn't matter what you play with, your account will follow you.

Image via Mediatonic

Now that Nintendo and Xbox players can play Fall Guys, players can choose their preferred console. Normally, that means all progress would be lost, but Epic Games made sure that everyone could keep their progress regardless of what console they play on.

If you already have your service linked up in Fortnite, then you are aware of the process and most likely have already prepared everything. It’s most likely an issue with the Fall Guys servers rather than your Epic Games account if you’ve already linked this up and can use different consoles for Fortnite but not Fall Guys.

Regardless, you need to link your accounts together so that you can play Fall Guys on other consoles and keep your progress. Epic makes this very easy by providing you with a code or letting you set it up manually. In most cases, setting this up with the code is easier than manually, but we recommend using the manual option if you can’t log in with the code.

How to connect Fall Guys to my console with the code

If you sign in to Fall Guys but have not connected your Epic Games account with that console, the screen will show a code. Use a computer or phone signed into Epic Games and go to and type the code in. Once this is done, you will be authenticated and you can play Fall Guys with your account.

You will have a lot of trouble authenticating if there is a problem with the Fall Guys server. If you’re having issues logging in, you need to know what to do if Fall Guys isn’t working.

How to connect Fall Guys to other consoles manually

Connecting your Epic Games account to other services is all it takes to set up your Fall Guys account. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Epic Games Website.
  2. Go to the top left to see your account name.
    1. If it says Sign In, you need to sign in before you can continue.
  3. Hover your mouse over the name, and a list will pop up with Account and Sign Out.
  4. Click Account.
  5. Go to the list in the middle and move down to Connections.
  6. There are two tabs in that menu, Apps and Accounts, go ahead and click on Accounts.
    1. There will be six options to connect to, Steam, GitHub, Twitch, Xbox, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Account.
  7. Choose the one that you want to connect to.
    1. You can only connect Epic Games accounts to one user at a time. Thus, if you have two Xbox accounts, you can only connect one to an Epic Games account.

If you already have an account connected to Epic Games and want to disconnect from it so you can transfer your progress, click Disconnect, and the space will allow you to connect to a new account.

The next time you log in, your Fall Guys should automatically sign in to your Epic Games account through the connected console. Even if you have already connected your accounts, Epic Games may still require you to use the code option if it’s your first time logging in to Fall Guys from that console.

Immediately after logging in for the first time, you are guaranteed to have access to your account with a fast and easy sign-in.