Fall Guys set to launch collaboration with The Jungle Book on September 3

Four new cosmetic looks will be available.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys is getting a new collaboration this September, this time with Disney’s The Jungle Book.

The announcement came during the opening day of Gamescom. Four new exclusive skins–King Louie, Mowgli, Baloo, and Shere Khan–will join Fall Guys on Sept. 3.

The first available will be Mowgli for purchase in the crown store from Sept. 3 to 6. Next up will be Shere Khan from Sept. 7 to 9. Finally, Baloo will be available to buy between Sept. 10 and 12.

King Louie will be distributed through a slightly different method, through an in-game event that lasts from Sept. 3 to 12. You’ll need to complete regal challenges to accumulate points that will unlock both the King Louie costume and associated cosmetics such as nicknames, nameplates, and emotes.

This collaboration is fitting with Fall Guys’ season five’s jungle theme. This season launched in July and is still going strong, with players having the opportunity to add these new cosmetics to their collection early next month.

If you’re an avid Fall Guys player or a fan of The Jungle Book, don’t miss out on this opportunity to score some collaborative gear within the game.


Ryan Galloway
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