Fall Guys expands its lore for the wrong reasons all over again

This changes everything.

Image via Mediatonic

Mediatonic has done it again. Oliver Hindle, Fall Guys’ community director, recently revealed another tidbit of lore that most fans likely didn’t need to know.

Spawning from the Twitter account FallFacts, a screengrab was shared from Discord where the game’s community director answered a fan’s question about how the Fall Guys eat. In response, Hindle revealed that they in fact absorb things through their feet.

This tweet was later shared by the official Fall Guys Twitter account, who confirmed the news and shared that while they hoped it would catch on, it never did.

This isn’t the first time that Mediatonic has revealed somewhat eerie information about the game’s characters. Last year, the developer revealed that Fall Guys are actually six feet tall and also boast human skulls beneath their soft bean-shaped exterior.

The latest revelation comes shortly after the team teased the next season for the game, which is set to be in the future. With the launch of the next season, players can expect a range of new game modes, costumes, and features to come later this year.