Fall Guys disables Steam family sharing as stopgap measure to cheating

There will be "long-term" solutions in the making.

Image via Mediatonic

Some Fall Guys‘ cheaters are being circumvented by a small stumbling block: a disabled Steam’s Family Sharing setting.

The developers behind the party game explained that perennial cheaters were using the platform’s Family Sharing feature to get around account bans.

Cheaters and hackers have been a noticeable problem in the game on PC, allowing dishonest users to move faster, jump higher, or even permanently fly in the air.

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The Fall Guys‘ Twitter account further clarified that the disabling was just an easy and fast solution that “didn’t require a new build or update,” adding that the developers will continue to look into the situation.

Mediatonic emphasized that preventing cheating is a “top priority,” with detected users getting banned as soon as the current show is finished. The developer promised that “more immediate action” will be forthcoming and that players don’t need to manually report accounts.