Fall Guys devs say they’re fixing the bug Ninja pointed out

The devs clearly aren't on the yellow team because their response was fast.

Image via Mediatonic

Ninja tweeted about a bug that he found in Fall Guys today that kept him locked on an error screen after the round ended and he didn’t get qualify. Fall Guys devs quickly responded to the streamer just 20 minutes after he posted the bug video, saying they’re “fixing this right now.”

After the round ended, Ninja said he was stuck in a frozen screen for 20 seconds before an error message appeared and he was redirected to the starting screen.

The error message reads: “Failed to receive information about rewards from the server. Any missing reward should be claimed during the next login.”

The dev team responded saying that this problem is being fixed and it “shouldn’t be long” before everything returns to normal. The bug is related to a peak in player number that caused the game’s reward processing to be “backed up,” according to the devs.

Since launch, Fall Guys has faced various server issues due to high demand and it’s been dealing with bugs and errors as they’re reported.

Other players have faced this bug as well, even when they won, leaving the game without their deserved crown. Fall Guys devs didn’t say if players will receive their lost rewards after this problem is completely fixed. The error message does say players will get their reward in their next login after the bug is fixed.