Fall Guys custom lobbies will likely be added in the future

Get ready for private events with your friends.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall guys developer Mediantoic recently confirmed custom lobbies are in its plans for the future, but the company is unsure of when the feature will be added to the game.

Fall Guys has dominated the gaming world since its release. The large playerbase enjoys the competitive and entertaining battle royale that frequently brings players back for more. But players are ready for more updates and new features, such as hosting custom lobbies with their friends. 

The game’s developer recently confirmed that custom lobbies are on their radar, but they are still figuring out how to implement it. Joe Walsh, a game designer from Mediantonic, recently told The Loadout about Mediantonic’s plans on adding the feature in the future.

“It’s still early days, but it’s something we hear a desire for,” Walsh said. “Fall Guys is ultimately a TV show, and people want to be the director, they want to run their own show. We totally hear the demand for that, but it’ll take us a little while to figure out what that looks like exactly. But it’s on our list of things to do.”

Fall Guys players will likely not see custom lobbies added to the game in the immediate future, but there are still other updates coming to the game. Fall Guys season two was recently teased during Gamescom Opening Night Live, which will allow players to unlock and purchase fantasy-themed cosmetics. This might not be the update all players are looking for, but it will still keep the game fresh and exciting.