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Filipe de Sant'Anna Scarabelli
November 1993
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive
Filipe "Yorae" de Sant'Anna Scarabelli is a Brazilian SMITE player. He is currently without a team.
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Yorae spent his entire childhood playing on consoles like Playstation. In 2009, he gained access to the internet and his first online games were MMORPGs like Ragnarok and FPS games like Battlefield. In 2012, his close friend and coach/manager Itnevist gave him a beta key and SMITE has been his favorite PC game ever since.

He played various roles casually in closed beta 2012 but learned to play SMITE in mid lane. In June 2014, right after Hi-Rez/Level Up! announced Brazilian servers and tournaments, Yorae transformed a group of friends into a competitive team and played jungle on a high level. He has switched to support main in early 2015.

Season 2

He played on Eternal Rally during Brazil Gaming League but did not make the move to paiN Gaming when the team was acquired.

Player Team History
Eternal Rally
Aug 2015
Eternal Rally
Jun 2014

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