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Joseph "Vileroze" Bourassa was the former mid and top laner for Velocity eSports.
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He started playing video games competitively with Counter Strike 1.6 and was able to get up the the Cal-M level. He then starting playing League of Legends late in Season One. He achieved 2200+ Elo and obtained a top 100 spot on solo queue. Going into season two with a more competitive mindset he reached 2300+ and started looking for a team. After showing what he could do, he was picked up by Monomaniac eSports as their AP mid. After the disbandment of Monomaniac eSports, Vileroze continued to play League of Legends in Solo Queue. After playing short-term for teams like Team Rosewill and more notably, No Team Name Necessary, Vileroze was picked up as the AP Mid for Velocity eSports after player PR0LLY left to play for compLexity Gaming. Vileroze and Velocity eSports then moved on to the Season 3 Summer LCS after beating Team MRN in the Summer Promotion.

During Week 5 of the Season 3 Summer LCS, he became the Top Laner for Velocity after ecco became the new Mid Laner. On July 30, 2013, Vileroze decided to leave Velocity eSports due to the top lane position not working out for him . According to his Twitter account, he is planning on spending time with his wife and child.

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